How do I remove a User from My Account?

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You must have Administrator permissions to remove a user from your Account in Firm Settings.
Note: Deactivating a user and inviting new users is recommended to maintain data integrity.        

To deactivate a user:
  1. Select Firm Settings from the drop-down menu next to your avatar.


  2. Click Firm Options in the left navigation bar and select Users & Groups from the expanded menu. A list showing all users with access to your account appears under the Users tab.
    • Users are listed as Active or Inactive under the Status column.
    • Active users currently have access to the account.


  3. To remove a user from your account select Deactivate in the right-hand column.
Note: A deactivated user can no longer access to your Account, nor will their name appear on your calendar or drop-down menus. Your Billing information is automatically updated.

Legacy Clients not on a Core, Enterprise, or Enterprise Plus subscription should reach out to to have users deactivated.

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