What happens when a user leaves the firm?

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When an admin deactivates a user from Firm Settings, all historical data and existing activity will remain in CARET Legal.

Tips before deactivating your user

  1. Reassign Open matters - Fields can be updated in bulk from the matter list
  2. Reassign Events - Events where the deactivated user is the Owner will be removed from the calendar view 
  3. Tasks - Outstanding tasks that need to be completed by another user should be reassigned to the appropriate staff 
  4. Billable entries - Unbilled activity from the deactivated user can still be invoiced 

Data that cannot be added after deactivation

Once the user is deactivated, they are removed from active user dropdown menus. These include: 

  • New Billable entries
    • Adding Time Entries
    • Adding Expenses 
    • Flat Fees
  • Assigning new Calendar Events 
  • Assigning Tasks 
  • Reporting filters 

If you still need those users for reporting purposes, they need to be left active. 

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