How do I make Custom Fields show for all Matters?

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If you would like Custom Fields to show for all Matters regardless of the Practice Area, you must add them to the All Practice Area option.
To add Custom Fields to the All Practice area:
  1. Select Firm Settings from the drop-down menu beside your avatar.


  2. Select Custom Fields & Intake Forms from the menu bar and click Custom Fields from the expanded menu to display the list.


  3. Click the Add/Edit Fields link next to All Practice Areas to display the New Matter Custom Fields modal.


    All Practice Areas is automatically selected in the Select Practice Area field.

    • Select which Type of field you would like to customize under the Add new field tab. These can be edited under the Edit field tab.
    • Enter a name in the Label field and complete the other fields as desired.

  4. Remember to click SAVE to save your changes.



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