How do I Edit or Delete Custom Fields?

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Custom Fields can be edited or deleted in your Firm Settings.
  1. Select Firm Settings from the drop-down menu beside your avatar.

  2. Click Custom Fields & Intake Forms from the vertical menu bar, then select Custom Fields from the expanded menu.

  3. Locate the practice area you wish to edit and select Add/Edit Fields.

    • This opens a modal with the existing fields which can be added to, edited, or delete.
    • To delete a field, hover over it with your cursor and click on the minus sign. This deletes that field from all existing matters, as well as new matters moving forward.

If you edit the information within an existing checkbox, multiple choice or drop-down field, the original data will be maintained in existing Matters that use that field for historical purposes.

Custom Fields are dependent on the Practice Area. If the Practice Area is changed, the fields available change accordingly. Any data originally assigned to those fields will be hidden and only accessible if the Practice Area is changed back.

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