How do I set up Invoice Administrative Fees/Auto Charge based on a percentage rate of fees?

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If your firm needs to automatically invoice certain clients for disbursements based on a percentage rate of fees, CARET Legal features an Administrative Fee option to facilitate that.  This option can be enabled by default under Firm Settings and activated on a per-matter basis.
  1. Select Firm Settings from the drop-down menu beside your avatar.

  2. Click Billing & Accounting from the menu bar, then select Billing Options from the expanded menu and scroll to set the Default Administrative Fee and Default Administrative Fee Description fields.


  3. Rates and Descriptions can be overridden for each matter.  Under Default Administrative Fee Description you can enter the preferred description you would like presented on the Invoice.

Enabling or Modifying Administrative Fee for Matters

New matters will automatically be configured to charge the Default Administrative Fee set in your Firm Settings. You may override it for particular matters by changing the rate, description or altogether disabling that option by setting it to 0% under the matter’s Options tab.

Generating Invoices

Next time you generate invoices from unbilled activities, a line item will be created for the Administrative Fee with your preferred description and rate for each matter as a Soft Cost and the Invoice Date.

Enabling Default Administrative Fee under Firm Settings will only activate this option for new matters. This feature will need to be enabled under the Options tab of a previously created matters.

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