How do I create a New Matter?

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You can create a new Matter in the following two ways:
  1. Use the Quick Add menu to add a Matter from any section of CARET Legal.


  2. Click on the Matters icon in the navigation bar to display your list of Matters, then click + on the right side of the tab bar.


  3. The New Matter modal displays. Complete all of the required fields marked with a purple bar, and as many optional fields as you wish.

    • Ensure that you scroll down to see all the fields.
    • Slide the toggle bars to the right to enable Billing features.
    • Select the appropriate checkboxes.
    • Select either the Everyone or Custom radio button under Permissions.

  4. Click Create Matter to return to your Matters list where you will see the newly created Matter.

You can now set up new events, upload relevant documents (and share these with your client), create associated tasks and generate invoices for the case.

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