How do I use Advanced Originations?

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Does your firm have more than one Responsible Attorney per Matter, or you wish to split Originations between multiple attorneys? If so, CARET Legal offers the ability to calculate advanced origination rates and percentages within any given Matter. This feature can be utilized when creating a new Matter or under the Options tab of the Matter's Details.

  1. Select the Advanced Origination & Responsible Options link to display the Advanced Origination Options modal.

  2. Set the Split (%) and Payout (%) for both Originators and Responsible Attorneys.

    • The Payout column is used for firms who pay their Attorneys based on the percentage collected for Matters where they are listed as an Originating or Responsible Attorney. For example, if Attorney A is to receive 10% of the total collected based on their 50% origination, the payout should be set to the percentage in which they are to receive (in this case, 10%).
In order to see the details of the split and payout percentages, you can use the Split Compensation Report.
If you are using Advanced Origination options, then you will only need to use the Split Compensation Report. You do not need to use the Originating Attorney report unless all matters have only a Responsible and an Originator

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