How do I create a New Calendar Event?

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There are two ways to create a new Calendar event in CARET Legal.

  1. Click Add.png in the top menu bar to display the Quick Add menu.


  2. Click the Calendar icon on the navigation, then click + in the action bar.

  3. The New Event modal displays.

    Complete the fields:
    • Subject is the only required field marked with a purple bar. Click the icon beside this field if you wish to add a Privacy Status.
    • It is also necessary to enter dates and times in the From and To fields. You can keep the defaults or use the calendar controls to enter new dates. Click Calculate to use the Date Calculation modal to calculate your dates to Count Weekends, Federal Holiday, Move to next workday, and Add days for mail delivery.
    • Click the Time icons to select new times from the drop-down lists. 
    • Use the drop-down list in the Event Owner field to change the owner.
    • Select an Attendee Type or keep the default.
    • Select names from the drop-down list in the Add a User field to add users to the event.
    • Select a Matter Lead from the drop-down list.
    • Click Add a Reminder and select options from the menu that displays.

  4. Click Save to return to your Calendar view where the new event displays.

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