How do I Set Up Increments for Time-Based Billing?

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CARET Legal supports increments on a per-matter basis and also as a firm-wide default increment. There are a few methods throughout CARET Legal to set up increments for time-based billing.

Setting increments when creating a new Matter

  1. Select New Matter from the Quick Add menu or navigate to the Matters section and click + on the Matters toolbar to display the New Matter modal.

  2. Complete the required fields indicated with a purple bar and any additional fields you wish.

Scroll down to the "Billing section" and enter an Hourly Rate and Increment.

Modifying the increment on an existing matter

  1. Navigate to the Matters section to display your list of Matters, then open a Matter to view the details.

  2. Click the Options tab, then scroll down to the "Billing Options" and modify the Hourly Rate and Increment fields.

Set Up the Firm's Default Increment

  1. Select Firm Settings from the drop-down menu beside your avatar, then click Billing & Accounting from the menu bar and select Billing Options from the expanded menu.

  2. Select an Hourly Billing Increment from the drop-down menu.


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