How do I assign a Contact to a Matter?

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CARET Legal allows you to organize and track your Contacts, in our dedicated Contact section, as well as within any given Matter.
You can associate Contacts to a Matter, which allows you to keep records of different relationships.
  1. Open a Matter and click + on the gold toolbar under the Contacts tab.

  2. This opens an Add Matter Contact modal. 


    • Complete the required fields indicated with a purple bar.
      • Enter or select a Contact from the drop-down list. Click + to the right of this field if the Person or Company is not listed in CARET Legal to add them.
      • Select the Role for this contact within the Matter from the drop-down list. Click + to create a new role.
        When creating new Roles, be sure it does not exist as you will have duplicate roles.
      • Slide the toggle to the right if this is a Billing Contact.
      • Add a Note if you wish.

  3. Click Save.

What are the benefits of relating Contacts to Matters?

Contacts can be easily categorized and searched for when they are related to Matters.
You can view all Related Matters directly from the Edit Person or Company modal.
Click + under the Communications tab to email and invite Matter related Contacts to Events.

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