What is the Disable Auto Save option on the Word Plugin?

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The Word plugin allows you open documents that are not CARET Legal documents from your hard drive, network, drive, One Drive or storage and Save them directly into a Matter.

It gives you an option to Save your changes only to CARET Legal documents, or to both the file you opened and CARET Legal documents. 


If the Word Plugin Save window does not display after opening a Blank document in Word, you will need to check your Word Save settings. 

If you choose to leave the Disable Auto Save option unchecked and have a Word Save setting for Default local file location that is on a network drive or on One Drive, you will have to change the location to a folder that is local on your PC. 

In Word, choose File-Options-Save and change the Default local file location if it is not already a local folder on your PC. 


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