Why Documents are not opening with zDrive Windows?

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Locally downloaded and installed programs may need to close out and restart if left running for too long. If you are experiencing issues opening documents in zDrive, restarting the application should be the first step in Troubleshooting.
The easiest way to restart is by going to the bottom right-hand corner of your monitor and selecting the arrow to see what programs are currently running. 
  1. Select the zDrive icon, which is a turquoise box with the word "Zola," and click Exit.

  2. Go back to the document you wish to edit, and select "Open with zDrive' again. Doing so automatically reopens the program and prompts you to log into CARET Legal to access zDrive.

  3. Make sure you have the correct CARET Legal email address and password in order to log into your CARET Legal account.
Another way to close out of zDrive and reopen it would be by closing it from your computer's Task Manager. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete).
  2. Select zDrive and click "End Task".
  3. Click the Start Menu.
  4. Click Zola Media, then Zola Suite zDrive to Start the program.

After the program restarts, you can go back to your Documents, and select "Open with zDrive."

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