How do I use zDrive for PC?

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This article provides an overview of zDrive and the already powerful document management system of CARET Legal. The system keeps documents organized and makes it easy to search, sort and review.
zDrive allows you to edit documents and save them with greater ease! You no longer have to download the document to make changes, then upload a new version. After zDrive is installed, simply hover over a document and click on Open with zDrive to open it.

Here’s how it works:
  1. Navigate to the Matters section, then open a Matter to view the details, then click on the Documents tab.

  2. Click on the zDrive logo on the tab bar to download and install the app.

  3. Once the program is downloaded you will be prompted to log in with your CARET Legal credentials.

  4. Hover over a document saved in CARET Legal and click Open in zDrive to edit it in the associated program on your PC (Word, Excel, Acrobat, etc.)

  5. A pop-up asks if you would like to set viewing these documents defaulted to zDrive. To open documents you will need to click on a pop-up.

  6. This document will be available to edit when the window appears in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Just click on the window! 

  7. Edit your file on your computer with the associated application and save it. A new version of the file is saved automatically to your CARET Legal Account; no uploading required!

    ***Note - To save, simply use File --> Save.

    DO NOT save the document back using your CARET Legal Word Plug-In on the Word Ribbon.

    DO NOT use File --> Save As.

    Make Sure AutoSave is Turned Off

  8. If you are using zDrive for the first time, you will be asked to log in. Be sure that you are using your CARET Legal User Name and Password.

zDrive must be activated on your Account before it can be used. It is only available at the EnterprisePlus subscription level. Please reach out to your Account Executive for more information about getting activated.

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