Why are Documents opened with zDrive for Windows not Saving Updates?

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If you are experiencing issues seeing your changes saved back to CARET Legal Documents after editing with zDrive, you may want to make sure you are following all the correct steps.
After opening the document with zDrive, you will make your edits in the appropriate software already installed on your computer. When you are ready to save, be sure to select File --> Save.

DO NOT save the document back using your CARET Legal Word Plug-In on the Word Ribbon.

DO NOT use File --> Save As.

Make Sure AutoSave is Turned Off

zDrive also needs to have full access to the folders that store its temporary files. These folders should be located on the PC’s C:\ drive, not a Network drive or a folder that automatically syncs to the cloud, like a OneDrive folder.

To find where your zDrive temporary files are:

  1. Open the zDrive login box and click the Advanced Settings link.

  2. To close zDrive Select the zDrive icon in the system tray and click Exit. Now you can Open zDrive again to Open the login box.

  3. In Advanced Settings, click Select Location to change the Database and Document Locations.

  4. Choose a Folder on the C:\ drive that you want to use or create one. 
  5. The folder displays in the Database Location field.

  6. You can use the same folder for both Locations.
Check this configuration on each PC where zDrive is installed.



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