What is Quick Summary?

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CARET Legal now offers a new way to Preview documents using the AI-enabled Quick Summary feature. In seconds, the Quick Summary will outline the main points of your document. While Quick Summary never replaces a full review of any legal document, when you need to locate a document timely or just refresh your memory on a set of documents, Quick Summary delivers. 

Getting started

To see the Quick Summary feature, an admin will need to enable the feature:

  • Under Firm Settings →  Documents & Notes → Quick Summary 
  • Immediately after enabling the feature will be visible under all qualifying document types (i.e, documents that can be indexed: DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, TXT)
  • Users can shut off the feature in the same section they enable it.

Creating a summary 

Any user in the firm can create a Quick Summary. To get started: 

  • Navigate to Matter details → Documents
  • Hover over the document name to show available actions and click View Summary 
  • The summary can take up to 90 seconds to generate and will be visible on the right side of the Documents list
  • The same summary will be visible to all users in your firm.


Will my data be used to train any public models?

  • No, by leveraging the Azure Cognitive Services, submitted data will not be used to train public models. This is different than leveraging ChatGPT directly.

How secure is my data? Is there any documentation regarding data privacy?

  • This feature is powered by Microsoft’s Azure Open AI and built in a closed environment, meaning your data isn’t exposed outside of your instance of CARET Legal.
  • For more information, please visit Microsoft's document on data, privacy, and security for Azure OpenAI Service.

What plans are this available on?

  • Enterprise Plus and Enterprise Advance

Does everyone in my firm see the same Summary?

  • Yes, the same summary will be visible to all CARET Legal Users.
  • At this time, summaries cannot be changed or updated so the summary is consistent across the firm.

Will this summarize old documents?

  • Yes, it will retroactively summarize documents that you have selected and have been indexed.
  • If Document Summarization is disabled, the same summary from before will display. Disabling will prevent the UI from displaying or generating a new summary.

Why didn’t my summary work?

  • The document may need to be indexed first (i.e., should have a green check mark), the OCR content is required for the summary
  • The document may not comply with Open AI content summary requirements which may include hate, violence, etc. This will result in a “Failed to generate summary” error. For more information, please review the Code of conduct for Azure OpenAI Service.




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