Can I Send Text Messages From Caret Legal?

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Caret Legal offers multiple ways to communicate with your clients and colleagues. In addition to our in-app email clientphone call notes, client portal, and email blasting, we also have the ability to send text messages directly from a Matter.
Client Texting provides firms with the ability to quickly connect with clients, leads and matter related contacts via in-app 2-way SMS messaging. 
Before you can begin sending SMS messages from Caret Legal, you will first need to register for Client Texting. A Firm Administrator must enable this feature in Firm Settings.
  1. Select Firm Settings from the drop-down menu beside your avatar.

  2. Click Firm Options in the left menu bar and select Client Texting from the expanded menu.

  3. Complete the fields, then scroll down and click Register for Client Texting.


    Note: The Text Messages tab will not display if Texting is not Enabled.     
  4. After enabling client texting on the firm level, you are now set to begin sending and receiving text messages. Conversations will begin in Caret Legal and can be started within the Matter/Lead Dashboard.
MMS (images, videos, emojis) will not be included on received messages, and new text messages sent to the firm phone number will not be received unless they are in response to an existing conversation.

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