Why is the CARET Legal tab not showing on Outlook's Ribbon?

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If the CARET Legal tab does not show in your Outlook, there may be several issues that could be the cause of this problem. The Outlook Plugin might not be installed correctly, your Outlook client might have issues, or more commonly, this issue might be related to Security Trust between the application and Outlook. This can happen with any third party plug-in and is not isolated to the CARET Legal Plug-in.
To verify the installation:

If you are using Microsoft Windows, depending on the version of your operating system, navigate to the installed program list from the Control panel. If you are using MAC, locate the program in your Application list, right-click and hit Send to Trash. Below is an example of Windows 10 OS. For other Windows versions access click here...
  1. Click on Start or press the Windows key on the keyboard and type Control Panel, click to open, click on Uninstall a program and look for CARET Legal Office Addin.

  2. After verifying the existence of the program, close and reopen Outlook.

  3. If you still do not see the tab, perform a security check using the following steps:
    • Open Outlook, then click File and select Options.
    • Click on Add-ins, then select CARET Legal Office Addins.
    • Make sure COM-Add-ins is selected in Manage selection and click Go.
    • Next, click on the checkbox beside CARET Legal in the list, and click OK.
    • Close and reopen Outlook after applying security trust.
If none of these steps solves the issue, we recommend reinstalling the Outlook Plugin.

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