Does CARET Legal allow me to create an Email Signature?

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Yes, multiple email signatures can be saved and included in outgoing messages in  CARET Legal.

To set up your Email Signature:

  1. Select My Settings from the drop-down menu next to your avatar to display the User Settings modal.

  2. Scroll down or click Email Setup in the left navigation bar. Here you will find the option to edit your email account, Folder Settings and Default Font Settings.


  3. Scroll down further to Email Signatures. Select + to create a new signature.

    Complete the fields:
    • Enter a Signature Name.
    • Select the checkbox if this Is Primary email.
    • Edit the Content if you wish.

  4. Click Save Signature to save the signature.
When drafting a new email, you will be able to select the signature you'd like to use from a drop-down menu at the bottom of the window.


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