How do I Generate a Document using a Template?

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When you have finished creating your Document Template with all of your Merge Fields, you are able to generate the document for different Matters.
To generate a document:
  1. Navigate to the Matters section and select a Matter No to open the Matters details, then click on Documents in the menu bar and select the Document Templates tab.

  2. Locate the Template you would like to use and click the thunderbolt icon() on the right side of the grid to display the Document Generation modal. 
    • Enter or select an option from the drop- down list in the Select Matter field and click Generate Document.

  3.  Enter a name in the Rename field and click Save Document. The document is saved to the Matter's Documents in CARET Legal.
    • If you'd like to save it to your computer, click Download generated file.

  4. Voila, you generated a document using Document Automation! You can now share the Document via Caseway or send it as an email attachment without leaving CARET Legal.

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