How do I Share Intake Forms with My Clients?

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After you create your Intake Form, you can share the form with your clients via email with a shareable link, as well as filling it out for them.
To share the form:
  1. Navigate to the Matter which you would like to share the form to in the Matters section, then click the Matter No to open the Matter details and select the Intake Forms tab.

  2. Click + on the action bar to display the Select Form modal.

    • Complete the required fields:
      • Enter or select the Practice Area.
      • Enter or select an Intake Form Template.
      • Enter a Form Name.
  3. Click Fill Now to fill out the form yourself and not share, or select the Share Intake Form checkbox and enter or select who you would like to share this form with from the Contact drop-down list.

  4. Click Display Link to display a Shared Form modal that contains the Form Name, Contact and Link, then select Copy to Clipboard then paste. 

  5. Your client can now fill out and submit the form at their convenience.

  6. After the form is  submitted, merge fields are created and populated for Document Automation.


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