How do I to Add Group Permissions for Matters?

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Not everyone at a firm needs access to all practice areas and the Matters related to them. Do you have Matters and Practice Areas that only a group of users require access to? Within CARET Legal you have the ability to create groups for permissions.
This article show you to create the groups and also set your Matters up correctly. For example, if you have a Trademark Matters you can create a group for your trademark team and their group to the Matter(s) and any others that may need permission such as an Administrator.
These groups and permissions can only be created if you have Administrative Permissions and access to Firm Settings.
To create the user groups:
  1. Select Firm Settings from the drop-down menu beside your avatar.

  2. Select Firm Options from the menu bar and Users & Groups from the expanded menu, then click on the Groups tab.

  3. To add a group click + on the action bar to display the New Group modal.

  4. Click in the Group Name field to edit the name.

  5. Add users to the group by selecting names from the drop-down list, then click the + icon beside the field to enter the name below the field.

  6. When the group has all the users that you would like to include click Save and the group will be available to be utilized.

  7. To add this group to a Matter navigate to the Matters section and click on the Matter No to open the Matter details

  8. Select the Options tab, then scroll down to the Permissions section and click on Edit Matter Permissions and select the Custom radio button and enter the group name in the Users text box.
    • You can add as many groups that you would like to the permission level.
    • Using this feature you will be able to ensure that those that need access to Matters have access, and those without Permissions will not be able to view the Matter.


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