What are Intake Forms?

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Intake Forms are used to record specific Matter related data used to create Merge Fields for Document Templates.
To create Intake forms:
  1. Click the down arrow in the top right and select Firm Settings from the drop-down menu.


  2. Click Custom Fields & Intake Forms in the navigation bar to expand it, and select Intake Forms.


  3. Select  + located on the right of the grey bar to display a New Form dialog.

  4. Enter a FORM NAME, then enter or select an option in the  SELECT PRACTICE AREA field for saving purposes only. The form can be used for any Matter regardless of the practice area.

  5. Scroll down to BUILD YOUR FORM. The fields can be any combination of Text, Paragraph, Checkboxes, Multiple Choice, Date, Dropdown, Time, Number, Contact, Website, Email, Price or Address.

  6. Click Save.
To use an Intake Form:
  1. Open the Matter details and select the Intake Forms tab.

  2. Select + on the tab bar to display a Select Form modal.


  3. Complete the required fields by entering or selecting an option in the PRACTICE AREA, INTAKE FORM TEMPLATE, FORM NAME and SELECT CONTACT fields. Optionally, enter or select an option from the ASSIGN A ROLE TO A CONTACT field. Select the SHARE INTAKE FORM checkbox to share.
  4. Click FILL NOW to return to the Matter details.

  5. You can then enter all the details specific to this Matter within the fields you created.
CARET Legal now has to ability to share blank intake forms with your clients!

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