Can I access Documents from OneDrive?

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Within CARET Legal, you can access OneDrive documents from the Documents tab of your Matters. This integration allows you to view a list of shared documents, download them, rename them, or delete them.

To get started, you will need to connect to your OneDrive account from your Firm Settings. 
  1. Select Firm Settings from the drop-down menu beside your avatar.
  2. Click Documents & Notes in the vertical menu bar, then select Integration from the expanded menu.

  3. Click Enable OneDrive Integration...

  4. Enter your Microsoft login credentials when prompted.
After linking your OneDrive account, you will see a new folder in your OneDrive account labeled "Zola Suite." Within that folder, every new matter created moving forward will have a subfolder created automatically. This is where you can work with Documents that are being shared between the two systems.
These documents are stored on OneDrive. They can be edited in OneDrive, but only downloaded, uploaded, or renamed in the CARET Legal folder.
To integrate existing matters, you will need to go to the Documents tab in the Matter Details and click on the "Create OneDrive Folder" option. This integration makes any documents put in that folder accessible for download in both platforms.
You will NOT be able to use zDrive, zEditor, or Share via Caseway for any documents that are not in the Zola Suite document folder structure.
Viewing Your Matter Folder In Caret Legal:
Viewing Your Matter Folder In Office365:

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