How do I assign Multiple Emails to a Matter?

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Do you ever need to assign multiple emails to a single Matter?
In CARET Legal, you can associate emails to a Matter in bulk. 
  1. Click Email on the navigation bar to open the Email section, then select the checkboxes to the left of the senders' names on the emails you wish to assign to a Matter.

  2. The preview window updates with two new fields and the number of conversation selected.
    • Select a Matter from the Save emails to a matter drop-down list.
    • Slide the toggle beside Also move to a folder to the right to enable it. For example, if you want to declutter your inbox you can send the email(s) to another folder such as Archive.


Best Practices

  1. Keep your Inbox neat by assigning emails directly to the Matter.

  2. Duplicates of emails assigned to a Matter can be found under the Communications tab of the Matter in CARET Legal.


  3. You can then delete the email from your inbox as the record has been stored in CARET Legal.
Deleted emails are sent to your "Deleted Items" folder for archiving. Selecting "Delete" in CARET Legal will not permanently delete the Email. 

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