Quick ways to capture Time

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If you are not billing for your time, you are leaving money on the table.

CARET Legal has several effective ways to capture your time:
  1. Convert a Calendar entry to a Time Entry when associating it with a Matter. The Time Entry will be available to bill after the Event has taken place.


    Select the Create Time Entry checkbox after the Event has occurred. This way it will be available immediately.

  2. Create a Time Entry from an Activity Log.

  3. Convert a Task to Time Entry.

  4. Click the right arrow to start the Timer on your desktop.
    • For example, if you have a court appearance and want to record the actual time spent including your travel time you can start the timer on your desktop and continue to use it and stop it on your mobile app. 

  5. Click  Add.png then select New Time Entry from the Quick Add menu, 

    Click the Matters icon to access your list of Matters. Click a link under the Matter No to access the Matters details. Click Time/Expenses from the menu bar, then click + on the tab bar under the Time Entries tab.

    Click the Time icon to display your list of Time Entries, then click + on the tab bar under the
    Time Entries tab.


    Complete the required fields marked with a purple line in the New Time Entry modal that displays.


  6. Composing an Email also allows you to create a Time Entry after sending.

  7. If you get a Phone Call and start a Note for a Phone Call a Time Entry will be created for you.

  8. Time Entries can also be created after editing and saving a document using zEditor.

  9. The 9th way to capture time is through the Apple Watch app! Make sure you download the CARET Legal mobile app in order to keep time on your Apple Watch. 

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