How do I link my Bank and Credit Card Accounts to CARET Legal?

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By linking your bank or credit card you will download all account records into CARET Legal and have the ability to pull up-to-date reports and clear/match all your transactions.

To link your Accounts:
  1. Click the Accounting icon in the navigation bar to access the Accounting module, then click the Banks & Registers tab and select View Bank & Credit Card Accounts under the tab bar.


  2. Select the Edit icon next to the account you wish to connect.

  3. The Edit Bank Account or Edit Trust Check modal displays.


  4. Complete the required fields marked with a purple bar:
    • Enter an Account Name and Bank Name.
    • Enter or select an option from the drop-down list in the Bank Account Type field.
    • Complete as many optional fields as you wish.
    • Select the Active checkbox to enable it.
    • Click Connect to a bank/Credit Card Account to link your Accounts within CARET Legal.
Our integration with Plaid may limit the bank and type of bank account users are able to connect, which could result in an error message when trying to connect your bank account.

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