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  • The banner will appear on the dashboard until the firm member re-authenticates.
  • Once a firm has been flagged to start using the new calendar sync, users will be prompted upon their next login to re-authenticate.  It is only upon login that their current synchronization will cease to function.
  • Please be aware that resetting calendar sync may take several hours to complete based on the number of events.

Why are we doing this?

  • The new synchronization method is more robust and should result in a more consistent experience for users.  Microsoft has enabled a new method to allow for improved event identifications, which means a better overall user experience.

When should I expect the change?

  • Individual firms will be gradually flagged to start making the move to the new calendar synchronization.
  • All changes need to be completed by the March 31st deadline to prevent gaps in support.
  • If a user does not login to CARET Legal, they will continue to use the old sync method until the March 31st cutoff. After that time, all non-Graph syncing would be disabled, and users would need to login to re-authenticate.

Should I disable my current sync myself before changing?

  • There is no need to do anything with the current synchronization until the prompt appears on login to re-authenticate.  Following the on-screen instructions will ensure a smooth transition to the new synchronization and will prevent possible duplication if users manually disabled and then enable anew.

Does this change have any impact on Google Calendar Sync?

  • This change does not impact any users who rely on the Google Calendar synchronization.  
  • The changes will only impact Outlook / Office 365 users.

How come I can’t change which calendar I want to sync with?

  • Users will not be able to re-authenticate to a different calendar than what they were previously using.  Attempting to re-authenticate with an email address that is different from the current sync will result in the following message:

  • Users will need to contact Support in order to proceed.  This could be an inadvertent login to the wrong account, or it could be an intentional change to determine the appropriate next steps.

What if some appointments cannot be found in Outlook as part of the migration?

  • As part of the re-authentication process, we will migrate all of the currently synchronized events in CARET Legal with their counterparts in Outlook.  The migration will first look for the Outlook appointment’s ID, and if not found will look at other metadata (like matching subject and start/end dates & times). If CARET Legal shows the event as having been previously synchronized, but we still fail to locate the corresponding appointment in Outlook, then we will treat as an anomaly and will not attempt to re-create the appointment in Outlook. 


For detailed instructions on how to re-sync your calendar, please see our article on how to re-sync Office 365 or Google Calendar.

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