How do I View Other Users' Calendar Events?

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CARET Legal's calendar allows you to view Events scheduled for yourself, as well as for other users at your Firm. You have the ability to choose which users you would like follow, so you can automatically see their Calendar from both the main Calendar page as well as from your Dashboard.
In order to follow a specific User:
  1. Navigate to the Calendar section, then click the arrow on the right-hand side to open the side panel to reveal your list of Users.

  2. Select the name of any users you wish to have access to from the dropdown menu.

  3. After adding a user, select the checkbox next to their name to view their Calendar Events.

  4. CARET Legal remembers the users you are following and automatically shows you their Events from both the main Calendar section as well as from your Dashboard.
You will not be able to see Events on another User's Calendar if the Event has been set to private, or if it is related to a Matter to which you do not have permission. In that case, you will see that time is blocked out, but the details of the Event are not listed.

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