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CARET Legal supports the ability to receive a retainer payment electronically from your clients.  A retainer can be requested before services are performed, meaning an invoice won’t yet exist. A retainer Payment in CARET Legal is an unapplied payment, that can be applied later to an invoice. To use the feature, go to Accounting on the left hand navigation and select the Retainer Requests tab. 

To get started or get more information, please reach out to a member of our APX Sales Team.

How to Create a CARET Payments Retainer 

Press the + icon in the upper right to create a new retainer request. The application will prompt for the following information, The associated matter, which account the collected amount should be deposited to, the due date, the amount of the retainer, and notes related to the request. The primary client for the matter will be filled in for you. 

The 'CREATE' button will generate the retainer request which will be sent in the next step. 

The retainer request can be sent to the client with a link in email or through Caseway.  Click on the 3 vertical dots on the far right side to bring up the action menu and select Send w/ Link. This will generate an email with a payment link, similar to PayNow payment requests. Then press “Send” to have the email sent to your client. 

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A screenshot of a computer

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You and the client will receive a confirmation when the retainer is paid. Once the client has paid the retainer it will show up automatically in payments like any other CARET Payments made via PayNow, or Caseway. It will also be recorded on the matter.

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