How do I customize permissions for Bank Accounts?

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Do you have Bank Accounts that you only want certain users to be able to access? CARET Legal allows you to grant permissions per user to access bank registers and check writing capabilities.
  1.  Select Firm Settings from the drop-down menu beside your avatar.


  2. Click Billing & Accounting in the vertical menu bar, then scroll down in the expanded menu and select Bank Account Permissions.

  3. Click the Edit icon in the row of the bank account you wish to restrict access to from the list to open the Edit Permissions modal.


  4. Select a user who should have access to the bank account from the Select User drop-down list, then click the + to add the user.


Repeat these steps until all users who should have access are listed on this page, then click Update

As a reminder, users whose names are not listed on this screen will not be able to view the register for that specific bank account, or be able to write checks with that account selected.

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