How can I Schedule Events based on a Specific Number of Days?

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Our Calculate the Date feature helps you determine future or past event dates with the option to exclude weekends and federal holidays.

  1. Select New Event under the Calendar section in the Quick Add menu or click + on the Calendar tool bar and select Create New Event from the drop-down list  to display the New Event modal.

  2. Click the  Calculate... button that displays in the same row as the From, To and All-Day fields to display the Date Calculation modal.


    Complete the fields as you wish:

    • Select a Calculation Template from the drop-down list.
    • Use the calendar controls to change the Original Date.
    • Enter an Adjustment in Days, Weeks, Months or Years.
    • Slide the toggle switches to the right to Count Weekends, Count Federal Holidays or Move to next workday.
    • Enter a number to Add days for mail delivery.

For example, you may want to calculate 30 days from Today. This section will also allow for negative days, so if you wish to set it 30 days prior to a particular date, you can do that as well.

Each user can click Save as new template to save these settings to be used as a template moving forward  — a great addition to custom court rules.

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