Adding Firm Attendees on Calendar Events

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When creating an Event for multiple CARET Legal users, there is no need to invite them as an attendee via email. Each CARET Legal user has their own unique Calendar, where they can add Events for themselves, or other users can create Events for them.
  1. When creating a New Event, the Event Owner will default to the user that is logged in. To add this Event directly on to another user's Calendar, simply select them as the Event Owner.

  2. To duplicate this Event for more than one user, select Firm under Attendee Type

  3. CARET Legal users that you already follow automatically appear in this section. If you wish to Add a User you do not follow, select their name from the dropdown menu.

  4. Check off the names of users who you wish to invite to the Event. The identical Event will be added to their CARET Legal Calendar.

 The new Events will maintain the Event Category, Matter relation and Reminders.

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