When and how do I use Trust Checks?

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Trust Checks are used to make disbursements directly out of funds in trust for a particular matter. For example a Matter expense such as Court Fees.

CARET Legal does not allow you to use the standard Check/Hard Cost feature to draw from a Trust Account.

To create a Trust Check:

  1. Click the Accounting icon in the navigation bar to access the Accounting section, then select the Banks & Registers tab.

  2. Click + in the green action bar and select New Trust Check from the menu that displays.


  3. Click Add.png in the top menu and select New Trust Check from the Quick Add menu.


  4. A New Trust Check modal displays.

    Complete the fields:
    • Enter or select an Account and Matter from the drop-down lists. Only a single Matter can be selected per check.
    • Enter or select the recipient from the drop-down list in the Payable to field.
    • Use the calendar controls to enter a Date.
    • Enter an Amount less than or equal to the amount in Trust for that Matter.

  5. Click Save & Close or Save & Print.

You can view your Matter Ledger under the Ledger tab in the Matter details.                   

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