How do I create Expenses?

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There are 2 types of expenses, Hard and Soft costs within CARET Legal. They are created and used differently. If you choose to make these expenses billable, you can invoice them.

There are multiple ways to enter in Hard Costs and Soft Costs.

Where can I view Expenses?
Expenses can be found under the Time/Expenses tab in the Matter details and under the Expenses tab in Time module.
To view Expenses from the Matters details:
  1. Navigate to the Matters section and click the link under the Matter No column to displays the Matters details.

  2. Click the Time/Expenses tab to view a list of expenses related to this Matter. 

    • Click on the sub tabs to view expenses under Time Entries, Flat Fees, Expenses and Interest.
    • Use the filters under the tabs to narrow down the list to All, Invoiced, Not Invoiced and Calendar Summary.
To view Expenses from the Time module:
  1. Click the Time icon in the navigation bar to access the Time section.

  2. Select the Expenses tab to view a complete list of all expenses.

    • Use the filters below the tab bar to filter the list by All, Hard Costs, Soft Costs, Vendor Bills and Credit Cards.
    • Select options from the drop-down lists in the Date, Client, User, Invoice Status, Practice Area, Responsible Attorney and Invoiced Date to further narrow down your list.

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