How do I create Vendor Bills?

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To create Vendor Bills:

  1. Navigate to the Accounting section and click on the Vendors & Bills tab, then click + on the tab bar and select New Vendor Bill from the drop-down menu.


  2. In the Vendor Bill modal select the Vendor from the drop-down list.

    Or, click + beside the Vendor field to add a new vendor in the modal that appears.

    The Vendor Name is the only required field marked with a purple bar. Scroll down to complete as many optional fields as you wish, then click Save to return to the Vendor Bill modal. The new vendor is added to the drop-down list in the Vendor field.

  3. Complete the other required fields marked with a purple bar and any additional fields. After you have completed the fields in the Line Items section, click Save to right of the fields. Click the Add Line Item link to to add additional line items and repeat the steps.


  4. After all of the lines have been added, click Save in the footer.

Your bill now appears in the Vendor Bills list and it is now ready to receive payment.


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