Why do I have Duplicate Events on My Calendar?

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If there are duplicate Events on your Calendars, this could be caused by a number of reasons, such as recently importing events from your Google or Outlook Calendar?
If so, the Events will exist separately on each. When you establish the 2 way sync, it will show the Events from both Calendars.
To remove the duplicates:
  1. Navigate to your CARET Legal Calendar and select View Imported Feeds from the Import Options icon located on the tool bar.
  2. A View Imported Feeds modal displays.

    • Click the Undo link to delete an imported feed.

  3. A prompt displays informing you that the feed and all associated events have been removed.

Do you have a shared Firm Calendar? Are other users on your account also syncing to the same Calendar? Only 1 user needs to sync their account with a shared Calendar. Depending on the user's Calendar you wish to use, just that person will need to establish the 2 way sync.
If you use a designated "Firm Calendar" our Support Team can give you access to that account. When you log in as the "Firm Calendar" user, you can then establish the 2 way sync for everyone to access.

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