How do you make Journal Entries in CARET Legal?

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Journal entries are an essential part of accounting and bookkeeping.

Topics include:

Manually add journal entries into the General Ledger

  1. Navigate to the Accounting section and select the Banks and Registers tab.

  2. Click + on the action bar and select New Journal Entry.

  3. The New Journal Entry modal displays. Complete the fields to add new journal entries. The date is populated with Today's date.

Remember that all debits and credits must equal out.                                                          


Journal Entries are made to both cash and accrual books. However, some accounts are not shown on cash basis, such as Accounts Receivable and Fee Discounts. In these cases, one side of the journal entry may show up on cash reports, while the other side will not. When making journal entries with non-cash basis accounts be cautious of the possibility that one of these transactions could throw off your books.

NEW: Duplicate an existing Journal Entry

If you have a journal entry that will need to be entered consistently using the same accounts, you have the ability to duplicate existing entries.

To create a duplicate:
  1. Locate the original journal entry you wish to recreate from your Register, or from the General Ledger.

  2. Open the Journal entry for editing and select "Duplicate Entry."

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