What is CARET Legal's WIP/AR Trust Report?

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When allocating funds from a Trust or an Operating Retainer, the WIP/AR Trust Report in CARET Legal is an extremely comprehensive and useful report.
To access the WIP/AR Trust Report:
  1. Click the Accounting icon to display the Accounting module, then click the Reports tab, then scroll down to the Trust Reports section and select WIP-AR Trust Report.

  2. The WIP-AR Trust Report displays allowing you to get a detailed look at each of your Matters from a financial perspective.


    • See a summary of Un-billed fees, Expenses, AR, and unused Trust and Operating funds by Matter.
    • See a breakdown of Expenses, Time, and if there is a Prebill or Draft Bill on a Matter.

This is a very helpful report to consult before making batch Trust Transfers or sending our Invoices/Statements of Account.

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