How do I Set Up Pre-Billing or Draft Invoicing?

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  1. Click Firm Settings form the drop-down arrow beside your avatar.

  2. Click Billing & Accounting in the vertical menu bar, then select Billing Options from the expanded menu.


    • Select the checkbox beside the options required for your Firm's invoicing process:
      • Create New Invoices in Draft Mode - If enabled, new invoices are in Draft status until they are submitted for approval. When disabled, new invoices skip the Draft stage and move to the Pending Approval or Approved stage (dependent on your Require Approval for Invoices setting).
      • Require Approval for Invoices - If enabled, invoices need to be approved for client payments to be applied. When disabled, new invoices do not need to be approved for client payments to be applied.
      • Allow approved invoices to be edited or deleted - If enabled, any changes can be made to an approved invoice including deletion, If disabled, changes cannot be made to approved invoices and they cannot be deleted - they can only be voided.

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