Can I Upload Time Entries and Soft Cost Expenses from a Spreadsheet?

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You can import a CSV spreadsheet with Time Entries and Soft Cost Expenses through your CARET Legal Account without the assistance of CARET Legal’s migration team. Templates are attached below.

Please note that the CSV template will not accept some special characters such as square brackets ([]) and pipe bar (|).
After you have completed your Time or Soft Cost Expenses within the template, use the Import option available under the Time/Expenses tab of a Matter details or navigate to the Time section and select the Time Entries tab.
Your templates must be completed to exactly match the data you have in your CARET Legal Account,  including the Full Matter No., Timekeeper Names, and Work Types.

Template Examples:

If time is NC or NCDS, put a T to indicate True, or F to indicate False
When attempting to upload soft costs, select the Expenses tab and select an option from the Import Options drop-down list.
The Caret Legal Template requires the following headers:
Soft Cost Expenses
*You can also import spreadsheets from uniFLOW and CopiTrak. We do not provide a template, as the system will accept the file you export and download directly from either of those two programs.
If the Soft Cost Expense is Billable, enter T to indicate True. If it is not billable, enter F to indicate False.
If any of the data is not accepted, CARET Legal provides you with the records that failed to upload. There is an option to download only the failed records and update them.

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