What is the difference between My Settings and Firm Settings?

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​Both My Settings and Firm Settings are accessible from the drop-down menu beside your avatar. Select My Settings to access your personal settings. Firm Settings can only be accessed by a Firm Administrator. It allows for customization of the firm's CARET Legal Account.

My Settings

  • User Information
    • Set your UsernamePassword and User Profile
  • User Preferences
    • Slide the toggles to the right to set your Preferences within CARET Legal.
    • Enable or disable Integrations with 3rd party apps

  • Email Setup
    • Change your Email Account
    • Select your Folder Settings and Default Font Settings from the drop-down lists
    • Create your Email Signatures
  • Billing
    • Set a Default Rate, User Payout %, LEDES Timekeeper ID, UTBMS Classification, Set Timekeeper Goals 
  • Notifications
    • Select how you would to be notified about your Tasks, Events and Caseway Documents

Firm Settings

  • Users with access to these settings can edit:
    • Firm Options
    • CRM Options and Sources
    • Matters & Contacts
    • Custom Fields & Intake Forms
    • Events & Calendar Rules
    • Documents & Notes
    • Billing & Accounting
    • As well, as select the firm's CARET Legal Account
      • Plans & Payment
      • Export

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