How do I Re-Sync My Office 365 or Google Calendar?

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If you notice that your Calendar does not seem to be syncing, first check to see the status of your sync. If your sync has stopped, follow these steps.
NOTE: It is recommended to do this from a private or incognito window.
To re-sync once your sync is stopped:
  1. Click on the Calendar icon in the navigation bar, then select Share/Sync from the action menu and select either Sign in with Google or Sign in with Microsoft from the drop-down menu.


  2. Then you will be prompted to input your Google or Office 365 credentials.
Note: There may be some sync interruptions with your CARET Legal Calendar sync if your calendar is synced with additional devices such as a cell phone, tablet, laptop etc. If you are experiencing any calendar sync issues within CARET Legal, please disconnect your calendar from the other devices.

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