How do I Void or Delete a Check I Printed?

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If you need to delete a Hard Cost check that you have written due to incorrect information or if you no longer need it, you can do this by either Voiding or Deleting it.
The steps needed depend on whether or not the hard cost has been invoiced to a client's Matter.
Once you have created a check (hard cost) it will appear in the Time/Expenses section of CARET Legal, as well as on your check Register.   

If the hard cost has not been invoiced:

1) Locate the check from the Expense list or the Register.


2) Click on the Trash Can Icon to delete the hard cost. This can only be done if the expense is not present on and invoice.


To void the check, you will need to click on the pencil icon to edit it.



If you need to delete the check and it has been invoiced:

  1. Before you can edit or delete an invoiced hard cost, it will need to be removed from the invoice. This can be done either by deleting the line item directly from the invoice, or by deleting the invoice itself. When items are removed from and invoice, or the invoice is deleted, that activity is moved back to WIP (Work In Progress)

    How to delete and invoice.

  2. Once the hard cost has been un-invoiced, follow the steps above to void or delete the expense.

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