How do I add a New User to My Account?

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Setting up a CARET Legal Account for a new firm member is simple and quick. 

Your Billing is automatically updated when you add a New User!               
  1. Select Firm Settings from the drop-down menu beside your avatar.

  2. Click Firm Options in the menu bar, then select Users & Groups from the expanded menu.


  3. Click + on the tab bar  to display the Change User modal.


    Complete the fields
    • Enter a First Name, Last Name, and Email
    • Select an option from the drop-down lists in the Role and Type fields.

  4. Scroll down to the footer and click Send Invite


  5. You are returned to your list of Users and a message appears "Registration email sent".

    • The user appears in the list with "Not Registered" in red under the Registration column.
  6.  The new user receives an email from CARET Legal asking them to select a Password and log into their new Account.

  7. Once the Account has been created, you can begin assigning tasks and collaborating with your newest CARET Legal user! 
If at any time you need to revoke access, you can change the Password or deactivate the account.
Clients not on an Enterprise, Enterprise Plus or Enterprise Advance subscription should reach out to to have users deactivated.

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