Which checks are compatible to print from CARET Legal?

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If you are using the print check feature in CARET Legal, you will need 3-part business checks (these checks have a check on the top and two stubs below). These are often referred to as "Voucher Checks". Voucher checks that have the check in the middle or the bottom will not work. You must use "Top of Page" checks.

Note: We suggest that you use our recommended vendor - Techchecks.  

Required Details:
  • Full Sheet: 8 ½ x 11 
  • Top Detachable Check: 8 ½ x 3 ½ 
  • Middle Stub: 3 ½”
  • Bottom Stub: 4”
  • Software Used: QUICKBOOKS (ALL VER)
  • 2 Signature Lines : NO
  • Lines On Check : NO
  • Envelope Size Fit: #9
  • All other options are per the firm's preference, but must include: Firm information, Banking information, and Check Number.
CARET Legal fills out the check details for Payee, Payee address, amount, and date.

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