Can I import an .ICS Calendar into CARET Legal?

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You can import iCal feeds from another program into CARET Legal in the Calendar section. However, you will first need to export the calendar from the third party program to an ICS file or iCal feed.  This is a one time import that can be reversed from the main section. The best use for this type of calendar import for is calendars that do not need to be synced multiple times, such as holidays.


To import a Calendar:

  1. After exporting your calendar from the third party program, click the Calendar icon and select the Import icon on the tab bar.

  2. Select iCal Feed from the drop-down menu to display the Import iCal Feed modal.

  3. Select either the FROM URL or FROM FILE radio button, then click IMPORT.
Depending on how many events you have, this could take up to ten minutes to complete. Feel free to open up a new tab in your browser and browse the other sections of CARET Legal while you wait. 
If you'd like to import a newer version of this iCal feed, you can always undo this import.

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