How do I Install the CARET Legal CRM Web Form on my Wordpress Website?

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CARET Legal CRM allows you to manage your leads. One way that leads can enter your funnel is from your website.

CARET Legal CRM has the ability to capture web form data and place it into the CRM seamlessly using Gravity Forms as the web form creator and our custom plugin to extend functionality and connect directly to CARET Legal CRM.

The paid/full version of Gravity Forms must be installed and activated to use this plugin, either the basic license or above.

To install log into your WordPress dashboard:

  1. Select Plugins from the menu on the left-hand side.

  2. Make sure that the Gravity Forms Plugin is installed and activated

  3. Click Add New in the top left.

  4. Enter “Zola CRM Add-on for Gravity Forms” in the search box

  5. Click Install Now.

  6. After WordPress is finished installing, click Activate Plugin.

Plugin Setup

After the installation is complete:

  1. Click Forms on the left menu, then select Settings.

  2. Under Settings select "CARET Legal CRM" and enter your CARET Legal CRM Account Token.

    • Your token is located under your Firm Settings.
      • Select Firm Settings from the drop-down menu next to your avatar.
      • Click CRM in the vertical menu bar and select CRM Options from the expanded menu.
      • Copy your token from the Token for External Submissions textbox.

  3. Click Update Settings after you have entered your token.

  4. If your token is valid, you will see a green checkmark next to your field. If your token is not valid, you will see a red X next to the field.

Form Setup

To set up your forms:

  1. Click Forms in the left-hand menu.

  2. Select any of your working forms with existing fields in it. If you don't have any current forms you will need to create them on the Gravity Forms plugin.

  3. Within the form click "CARET Legal CRM" under the Settings tab.

  4. Map the Gravity Form fields to the CARET Legal CRM fields. (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Message)

  5. Check Enabled to allow this form to submit data to CARET Legal CRM.

  6. By default, the most relevant Gravity Forms fields will be selected In the dropdowns to match the CARET Legal CRM fields. Review the mapping and make any changes if necessary.

    • Separate fields for First Name and Last Name are required.
    • In addition to submitting the fields in the mapping settings, the plugin also collects the following visitor information via cookies then passes the data on submitting it to CARET Legal CRM:

      • Referrer URL (The URL that the visitor came from before reaching your domain)
      • Visited URLs (The URLs that the user visited and how much time was spent on each)
      • Submission URL (The URL of the submitted form)
Interested in making your webform more secure? Add a CAPTCHA to it to verify all of your submissions legitimate and reduce spam.

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