User Permission Level Management

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Firm Administrators determine how much access each user has within CARET Legal based on the default Permission Level they are assigned.

The Permission Level must be chosen at the time the user is created/invited, however Administrators can change the Permission Level within their user settings.

Default permission levels have the following access:

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Staff with Limited Accounting cannot access any of the main accounting sections, including the Matter level Invoices and Payments tabs. They can only create billable activities such as Time entries, Flat Fees and Expenses. 

Enterprise Plus and Enterprise Advance subscriptions include an option to request changes to the Permission Levels by turning specific features On or Off. You cannot create a new Permission Level, nor can you change permissions for a specific user. Changes to these permission levels beyond adding or hiding the features listed above is limited.

In addition to making features visible or invisible we can also adjust the following actions:

  • Remove the ability to delete Invoices, Documents or Matters.
  • Make specific reports visible or invisible
  • Hide Rates

If you wish to request changes to existing Permission Levels, please submit a written request with the following information:

  • Permission Level
  • Features to be disabled/hidden
  • Features to be enabled

If you have questions about changes to these roles, please contact to schedule a call with a member of our team.

These changes need to be made by a CARET Legal team member and cannot be changed within the application.

Users have the ability to set permissions themselves for Bank Account Access and Matters directly in the interface.

Bank Account Permissions - Administrators select which users can access specific Bank Accounts. If permissions are set on a bank account, only the users listed can view or make changes to that account.

This includes:

  • Viewing the Register
  • Creating Hard Costs
  • Editing or Applying payments to invoices
  • Creating Retainers
  • Applying Retainers

If you already have bank permissions in place, this may interfere with a user's ability to perform actions you may want available to them.

Matter Permissions - Specific Users or User Groups can be granted access to a Matter. If a user is not listed in the Matter permissions they will not be able to access that matter. If a user group is assigned to a Matter, any user within that group can access the Matter. If a new user is added to a group, they will immediately have access to all matters for that group.



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