How to Trigger a New Workflow

  • Updated

A new “Workflows” tab now appears on all matters.

  1. Click the ‘+’ to start a new workflow for the matter.
  2. A list of available workflow templates is displayed and filtered to the matter’s practice area.
    • Use the filter at the top to select another practice area.
    • Click on any row in the list to expand to show the workflow description.
    • Click the Play button to start the workflow.
  3. Start Workflow

    • The Matter Name is prefilled.

    • The Anchor Date defaults to today but can be adjusted as necessary. All other dates in the workflow will be scheduled around this date.

    • The Firm Collaborator Roles are prefilled when there are firm members already listed as playing those roles on the selected matter. Fill in any missing firm members.

    • Click “Save” to start the new workflow.

    • A prompt will appear to save any of the newly selected firm members to their role on the matter for reuse in future.

Capability is limited to Enterprise Plus & Enterprise Advance users.

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