How do I send an invoice to someone who is not the primary client?

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There are multiple ways to send out invoices both physically and electronically.

For details on sharing invoices click here:

How do I share Invoices with My Clients through CARET Legal?

Billing Contacts

To notate that a contact should be able to receive a copy of an invoice, either in addition to the Primary Client, or instead of the Primary Client, they must be marked as a Billing Contact.

  1. Navigate to the Matters section and open a Matters details, then click + on the action bar to display the Add Matter Contact modal.

  2. Slide the Billing Contact toggle to the right to activate it.

By making them a Billing Contact, they will now be listed as an option when sharing via the client portal, and will also be listed as a recipient in the Bulk Billing Center.

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